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31 Day Challenge, day 31, honor nails you love: honoring the amazing Base Coat Top Coat’s Get Stoned series of geological nails!

My husband collects rocks/crystals and we are both rock hounds. My favorite stone is Amethyst, my birthstone, and beyond that, ANY geode immediately steals my heart. When BCTC started her Get Stoned series? SWOON. I nearly fell over when I saw the one she posted yesterday and it said “Get Stoned series, Part three.” Keep the amazingness coming!

Check out some of Kelly Ornstein’s amazing work here:

Base Coat Top Coat tumblr link, BCTC amethyst nails, BCTC Geode nails

Can’t really tell from the photos, but I did a shiny topcoat over the gem portion, and matte topcoat over rock portion and it made a really cool effect. In low light it looked awesome and I couldn’t stop staring at them. Another thing not caught by camera, the grey base is Essence Grey-t to be Here, and it has a pink fleck shimmer to it.

Polishes used (listed in BCTC fashion!):

Essence, Grey-t to be Here

L’Oreal, Breaking Curfew

Deb brand, purple

Essie, Play Date

Sally Hansen, Celeb City

Kiss, French White

Sally Hansen, Fairy Teal

Sally Hansen, Wet Cement

Sephora by OPI, Never enough Shoes

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